What Are Some of the Toughest Types of Stains to Remove From Driveways or Walkways?

When it comes to your driveway or walkway, wear and tear is definitely an unavoidable concern. However, perhaps even more frustrating are stains that appear over time. Some of these stains are tough and hard to remove, and here are some prime examples.

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Tough Stains to Remove From Driveways or Walkways

Even if the concrete used to construct driveways and walkways is durable and hardy, it is a whole other matter when it comes to stains. The constant exposure to external elements makes it hard to prevent stains, which can be problematic for anyone hoping to keep things pristine.

Salt Stains

Salt can be a good ally when it comes to breaking down ice, but extensive and careless use can easily cause salt stains to form on the concrete. Furthermore, these stains can last for years and be an eyesore. 

They are not easy to get rid of, and using high pressure might drive the salt stains deeper initially, reemerging once the water evaporates. The last thing anyone would want is a huge white patch stuck on the driveway or walkway. Call our experts to take care of the issue as you certainly do not want to risk worsening the problem. 


Another stubborn stain is rust. Rust stains are definitely not easy on the eye and are tough to get rid of as the composition can seep into the pores of the concrete. Thankfully, it is not impossible to remove them. Using the right cleaning agents and some effort will help to remove most rust stains. 

If you’re looking to prevent such rust stains from forming, it’s vital to understand that there can be a variety of sources that cause the stains. It could be your outdoor furniture made of metal, rusty tools, or even lawn and garden fertilizers that contain metals. If you can identify the source, you will have a better shot at preventing the recurrence of these stains.

Oil and Grease

Two types of stains that are particularly problematic are oil and grease. They can come from a vehicle oil leak, mechanical problems, trekked in unknowingly by a guest, or it can even be cooking grease that finds its way out of the trash. 

Such stains are challenging and can diminish your home’s aesthetic value or curb appeal. If your driveway is on an incline, it can make things worse as an undetected stain flows downwards to create an even larger stain. The fact that such liquids are flammable can also be a danger. Oil and grease are big enemies for concrete surfaces that are not sealed properly.


The longer a stain has time to set in, the tougher it will be to remove it. Early detection combined with professional help can alleviate the problem much more effectively. As areas that see high traffic and use, it is almost inevitable that stains will crop up now and again. So when you see a stain on your driveway or walkway, don’t wait and give us a call as soon as you can!