Driveway & Walkway Cleaning

It's easy to overlook your driveway and walkway maintenance, but after a while, dirt, oil, and general grime can make these areas look dingy and uncared for.

At Premier Roof Cleaning, we have the tools and expertise to safely clean your driveway and walkways so they look inviting once more. We can pressure wash or chemically clean these areas so that they look as good as your newly cleaned roof and house. With our reasonable price structure, hiring our professional cleaning services is an easy decision!



Professional Driveway Cleaning Orlando

Driveway surfaces, in particular, are magnets for grime. Cars drip oil, leave skid marks and grind in the mud. Your pavement and/or concrete can end up looking bad rather quickly. What's worse - these substances can help break down your driveway surface, causing ruts and cracks. If you don't repair them, they can become a hazard to visitors or customers. In order to protect yourself and your visitors, you want to have smooth, clean walkways and driveways. Otherwise, you can be held liable for injuries sustained on your property.

Why It’s Important To Clean Your Driveway

Curb Appeal

Whether you’re inviting guests over or selling your home, you want your home to look nice and have strong curb appeal. That means cleaning the driveway. After sun, wind, dirt, and everything else that happens outside, your driveway will need a good wash to look new again.

Prevent Growths

Even if you don’t care much about curb appeal, you probably do care about weeds, mold, and mildew. Instead of worrying about plucking weeds, you can clean your driveway to impede their growth. Not only will this keep your driveway looking nice, but it will also prevent further cracks and damage, preventing the need for costly repairs./span>


Cleaning your driveway can actually keep you safe. That’s because a good wash will prevent the growth of things like mildew which are generally slippery. Especially if it has been raining, just cleaning your driveway can stop a fall and prevent a safety hazard before an accident happens.

Get Rid of Stains

If you spill oil or something else on your driveway, there will definitely be some staining. Rest assured that not all is lost—you can get that stain out as long as you get rid of it quickly.


Ultimately, taking care of your driveway with professional driveway cleaning will help extend its lifespan. If you clean the concrete surfaces routinely, it will be less likely to crack with weeds or to break down with other harsh chemicals.


Walkway Cleaning

Your walkways are pounded daily by dirty shoes, spilled drinks, stubborn stains and ground-in junk that won't be removed easily. Don't spend hours trying to DIY - let our professional staff use their experience and advanced tools to clean and protect your property surfaces.


Why Hire a Professional Walkway Cleaning Service in Orlando FL?

While you can attempt to clean your walkway yourself, it’s ultimately better to hire an Orlando Florida professional. Not only is it easier for you, you will have peace of mind knowing that it’s done properly from the first go.

Quick Process

It’s a quick and hassle-free process when you hire a professional. Save yourself hours of scrubbing with your own cleaning solutions that might not be effective. You only need to give us a call and sit back while we do the work!

Cost Saving

The equipment you would need for a proper wash is expensive. Without the right knowledge, you might even purchase the wrong equipment and chemicals. Plus, you’d have to know how to use them properly too.

Easy Process

It might look easy to use a pressure washer, but it can be difficult for someone without experience. You might have the pressure too low, which will just spray the dirt off of your driveway, or if the pressure is too high, you might damage the driveway. Leave it to us - in all our years of washing countless driveways and walkways, we know just the right equipment, pressure and chemicals to use. With a competitive price structure and great service, you can expect an excellent job done.

Environmentally Friendly

You don’t need to rely on harsh chemicals to clean your walkway, not if you engage professional cleaning services like ours. We only need to use gentle detergents to remove stubborn stains and dirt on the concrete surfaces, all without abrasive cleaning agents leaking into your grass.

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