Wood Deck & Fence Cleaning

In Florida, we enjoy the outdoors most of the year, often choosing to gather outside whenever possible. Sadly, our decks tend to show it. Lots of cookouts and family dinners lead to spilled barbecue sauce and sticky beverages. Simply hosing off the deck doesn't do much to get rid of the grease and grime. And scrubbing the surface with the wrong cleaners can strip the finish and make the deck look worse rather than better. 

The same goes for your fence times ten. Maintaining your fence requires regular attention, but not many people have the time to take care of it as they should. Carefully and thoroughly cleaning your fencing is a huge job and one that takes experience to do correctly. At Premier Roof Cleaning, we have the skill and the tools to tackle your biggest outdoor cleaning jobs.




Fortunately, our staff knows how to get rid of the toughest deck and fence stains while preserving the beauty of the wood. We can make your dingy deck and fence look great once more without breaking your home maintenance budget.

You want to enjoy your outdoor spaces often, but you don't want them to show how hard they are used. Don't waste hours trying to clean these areas yourself. Let our Premier Roof Cleaning crew take care of it for you. You'll be happy that you did.