Paver Sealing & Staining

Pavers and Florida landscaping have gone together for ages. They are used to create patios as well as flowerbeds and other outdoor accessories. Like your other outdoor items, pavers also requires some maintenance to retain their look and slow down any deterioration.

Pavers just look better and last longer when they are sealed, but you can't just seal them once and let it go. Depending on the sealant used, it needs to be done every two or three years. Of course, all pavers need to be cleaned thoroughly to keep their appearance and to stay intact longer. Maintaining your pavers keeps your property looking better and accentuates your landscaping.


House with paver

It makes sense to hire us to maintain your pavers as well as your other outside surfaces. We will give all of your pavers a deep clean and reseal them for you at a reasonable price. In fact, it would probably cost you more in time and supplies to try and do it yourself. And don't you have better things to do? Plus, our skilled staff will deliver professional results that impress you and your clients.

We at Premier Roof Cleaning offer you a wide variety of outdoor cleaning and maintenance services. If it's dirty or stained, we can restore its appearance and help to extend its life. Whether it's your roof, your brick siding or your wood deck, we know just what to do. We keep our prices reasonable and our customer satisfaction level high. So when it comes to high-quality cleaning service, we have Central Florida covered.