Should I Have My Driveway, Sidewalk Cleaned and Why?

Mold thrives at temperatures between 77 and 86 degree F. And with the high Florida humidity, your concrete will inevitably turn black from the mold and mildew growth. And if not cleaned, mold can be tracked into your home. Fortunately, your driveway, sidewalk and walkway can be cleaned with our 3 in 1 algaecide.

Our chemicals kill 100% of the spores causing the fungus growth, as it lifts up those unsightly stains that’s affecting your home’s curb appeal, to be ready for our pressure cleaning, bringing your concrete to that, like new state. 

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So, How Often Should I Have My Driveway, Sidewalk And Walkway Cleaned?

Well as we read, pressure washing isn’t just for the sake of aesthetics. Pressure washing can have significant long-term benefits, including structure damage potentially caused by algae, weeds, or other growths in your pavement.

Once a Year

It’s recommended to have your driveway cleaned at least once a year. As just mentioned, you save on any repairs to the concrete from the damaging mold, you avoid any injury to yourself by possible slippage from wet algae and lawsuits if anyone else slips, as your home can become a hazard. Overly, a clean driveway says a lot as it offers a first impression about that homeowner.

Things you can do to maintain a clean driveway is to sweep it, often preventing any algae growth. Sweeping ensures nothing gets stuck to your driveway. Treat any weeds growing in your driveway. A simple cleaner will help you eliminate weeds on your own if sprayed once a month. 

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Many homeowners struggle in keeping their home clean, let alone the driveway, sidewalk and walkway. And the wrong process used by a homeowner in cleaning the exterior can bring much stress. With over 20 years serving Orlando, we have the expertise, the equipment and manpower required to wash your home from the roof down to the concrete. And it’s not just about high pressure as our innovative cleaning solution is what’s most important in killing the mold.


Cleaning the exterior of your home has many advantages. Don’t wait till it’s too late and then get it cleaned. Our weather is changing for the worst and mold is growing faster than ever before. Inspect your home now as mildew damages roofs, wood, paint on exterior of home causing leaks, caulk around windows, pool decks and most important your health as breathing in mold causes many health problems. Continue to keep an eye on your concrete and after a cleaning do the simple things in maintaining a clean property. Please call us today at 407-228-4258