Should I Bother Cleaning My Roof During Hurricane Season?

Living in a hurricane-prone area, we know the damages they can cause. And debris can end up everywhere—including on your roof. If this is the case, should you clean it? 

To put simply: yes. Roof washing in Orlando prior to hurricane season is a great idea, regardless of debris from a previous hurricane. It’s the one thing we can do every year to protect our home.

So why Clean Your Roof Prior To The Hurricane Season?

We know in a strong storm or hurricane debris is what’s blown everywhere. So why bother to clean your roof yearly?

Well, in protecting your home, debris Is one of the main culprits.  

  • During a storm, blown debris  Is known for causing cracked tiles, missing shingles and holes on the roofs. 
  • Clogged gutters mean that water can’t drain from your roof and you’ll end up with a pooling. Mold now grows as the weight of debris and now water causes a pulling out of gutter nails leaving access for mold to grow within.

Yes, any debris on your roof can cause damage as pooling develops through debris blockage .  Don’t put it off too long as even random tree limbs sitting on your roof  cause damage in a storm leading to a major fixing.

Protecting Your Roof for Hurricane Season

Trim Trees

Take a look around your home and near your roof. If you see any trees hanging over the roof, you’ll want to trim those.

Those little tree limbs are actually one of the things that causes the most damage to the roof during a storm. One strong wind can cause those branches to smack into your tiles and break them, leading to broken shingles, water damage, or even structural problems. Trim them back by around six feet at the least.

Clean Gutters

Your gutters are a vital part of keeping your roof in good condition. That’s because they’re what drains off all the water, preventing it from pooling and sinking into your tiles..

Roof Inspection

You should inspect your roof  before hurricane season and right after. A simple inspection will let you know if there are any existing problems like cracked or loose tiles that will worsen during a storm.

Fix Problems

If you know that you have some loose shingles or tiles, you’ll want to get those fixed before a hurricane happens. Anything loose or cracked can cause damage to your roof, so consider getting an actual repair.

Review Your Insurance

Take time to consider your insurance too. At the very least, you’ll be able to see what is covered and what is not covered in terms of roof repair and hurricane damage, so gather up your warranties, contact information, and any photos you have of your house.

In the case of damage, this will help you make your claim. Just remember to photograph the house before and after the storm so that you can show the insurance company what was caused by the storm and what wasn’t.


Hurricanes and our Florida rain storms can leave us with some severe damages. Prepare now for the unexpected storms and hurricanes. Make sure to be roof ready now!