Preparing Your Deck for Cleaning Day

Recognizing that your deck needs regular cleaning and maintenance to remain in top condition is a crucial step. Now that you’ve scheduled your deck for pressure washing, though, there are still some steps to take before our deck cleaning Orlando experts arrive. Taking the time to prepare your deck and create a clean, unobstructed space will allow our team to focus on their job, so let’s look at some preparation steps that you can take to help facilitate the process.

How To Prepare Your Deck For Cleaning Day

Clear The Deck

It’s essential to keep your deck clear and provide straightforward access before our pressure washing crew arrives. The first step is to remove all furniture, decor, and potted plants that are occupying your deck. Besides removing all tables, chairs, loungers and other furniture, don’t forget to also remove smaller items such as cushions and decor pieces like vases.

Overall, you want to give our deck cleaning team a clear, unobstructed space to work with during the cleaning process. Taking the time to clear and properly store your items will also ensure that they remain in good condition and won’t be damaged during the cleaning process.

Cover Surrounding Areas

While clearing away items is a straightforward step, most homeowners forget about protecting the surrounding areas from potential water damage and cleaning solution overspray. If you have plants, landscaping, electrical outlets, or light fixtures near your deck, you’ll need to keep them covered.

Protect plants and landscaping: Loosely cover any plants and landscaping near your deck with tarps or drop cloths to shield them from cleaning solutions and excess water. Keep in mind that exposure to these elements can harm or even kill your plants. It’s recommended that you also take the extra step of securing the coverings with stakes or weights to prevent them from blowing away during the cleaning process. After the cleaning is done, be sure to remove the coverings as soon as possible to minimize stress on the plants.

Cover exterior outlets and light fixtures: Electrical outlets and light fixtures near your deck are vulnerable to water damage during the cleaning process. It’s best to cover them with plastic bags or waterproof tape so water doesn’t come into contact with them. For added protection, you can even consider installing light shields on your outdoor lights.

Sweep The Deck

While our pressure washing team will do their own prep work that includes sweeping, it’s always beneficial when homeowners help to remove as much loose debris, leaves, and dirt as possible.

Remove loose debris, leaves, and dirt: Use a broom to sweep away any loose debris, leaves, and dirt on your deck. A stiff-bristled broom actually works best for this task, as it can dislodge stuck-on debris more effectively than a soft-bristled one. Be sure to sweep the entire surface of your deck, including corners and hard-to-reach areas.

Pay attention to gaps between boards: Pay attention to the gaps between the deck boards when you’re sweeping. These gaps tend to be where debris, leaves, and dirt accumulate, which can retain moisture and lead to mold or mildew growth if not removed. If you see any stubborn debris lodged in these gaps, use the edge of your broom or even a putty knife to dislodge them. You may even clean out the gaps with a tool such as a flathead screwdriver.

Sweep away from the house: When sweeping your deck, try to sweep in a direction that moves debris away from your house. You don’t want dirt and leaves getting swept onto other surfaces, such as your siding or patio furniture. If possible, sweep the debris off the edge of the deck into your yard or onto a tarp for easy disposal. If you have a large deck, try working in sections to keep the debris manageable and prevent it from blowing back onto cleaned areas.

Get Ready To Transform Your Deck

Taking these extra preparation steps will create a clear and unobstructed space for our pressure washing experts to carry out their job effectively and efficiently. This way, our team will be able to focus on thoroughly cleaning your deck without worrying about damaging your belongings or surrounding areas. Call us today to book our deck cleaning services and watch us transform your deck!