Every homeowner knows about the importance of their roof – after all, it’s the very first layer of protection on the household! A well-functioning and clean roof helps keep you and your family warm, cool, and dry, depending on the season. Nowhere is that more important than in the sweltering environment of Florida – and that’s where the services of Premier Roof Cleaning come in!


These Florida summers can be long, hot, and brutal. They can also be brutal when it comes to your electric bill when it comes to cooling costs, as you try to keep your house at a comfortable temperature! Here’s the good news: a clean roof plays a bit part in lowering those costs. Cleaning the roof cuts down roof temperature, so you don’t have to run your air conditioning at the same high power. That means a significant bit of savings on your bill every month!


Bring in Premier Roof Cleaning to get your roof in tip-top shape and start saving on that energy bill. Our skilled and professional team provides the flexible, top-notch service you deserve. Additionally, our veteran team chemically treats your roof, enabling it to stay clean and free of unhealthy and energy-wasting substances.


Looking to get started and get your roof cleaned for the hot summer months? Premier Roof Cleaning is proud to serve the areas in and around Daytona, Orlando, Tampa, Kissimmee, and Sanford in Florida. Contact us today to request an estimate and set up an appointment!

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