Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

You might have seen those satisfying videos online of pressure washing surfaces clean. Or is it power washing? Even if you look up pressure washing online, you might see results that talk about power washing—so what’s the difference? 

There is a legitimate difference, and you’ll find that one works better for driveway cleaning in Orlando. To get your driveway looking great for better curb appeal, or to clean your walkway of debris, let’s take a look at which is the preferred choice.

Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

The driveway is a crucial part of your home. Even if you’re not cleaning it for the sake of curb appeal, it’s still a good idea to get it washed so that no debris can potentially cause damage in the future. Let’s talk about the difference between power washing and pressure washing.

The Water Temperature

With power washing, the water is heated. Hot water works best for eliminating tough dirt, mildew, salt, and grease. While it’s easier to clean surfaces, it’s best only to use this type of cleaning on surfaces that can handle hot water. 

With pressure washing, cooler water or room temperature water is used. This type of washing is perfect for most jobs and can effectively get rid of moss, weeds, and any tough dirt. 

Since there’s no high temperature associated with pressure washing, it’s suitable for just about everywhere, like concrete, brick, and masonry.

Pressure Level

When it comes to power washing, the water is dispensed at a completely normal pressure level. That makes it good to clean siding, get rid of mildew and mold, and clean areas that are difficult to get to. You can brighten your home with a good power wash, and since the hot temperature will kill mold or mildew, it’s not a bad option for your roof either.

You’ve likely seen the satisfying videos of using pressure washing to clean a surface. With pressure washing, the water goes through a tank that increases the pressure at which it gets released. You can use this type of washing anywhere as long as the surface is sturdy.

Which One?

Generally, which option you use will depend on your project. Think about whether you need hot water to do the job or if the surface you want to clean can handle high pressures.

Which is Better for Driveway Cleaning?

A power washer needs to be regulated properly as they’re heavier duty. Professional power washers can be dangerous to you without proper training and handling. They can also degrade your concrete driveway.

Pressure washing has been used for driveway cleaning for a long time, and for good reason. Quite simply, it effective removes grime and oil stains while also removing moss and mold that are common in the hotter months. With a pressure washer, the pores of your driveway surface will be thoroughly cleaned to prevent future growth of mold and mildew. All in all, pressure washing will make your driveway look new again, giving it a brighter, cleaner sheen.


When comparing pressure washing and power washing, you need to know which is better for your driveway. Without a doubt, go with pressure washing. Pressure washing is very effective and it doesn’t involve the use of hot water, yet the pressure is enough to remove stains and impede weed growth. You’ll enjoy a cleaner driveway without any slick from mildew or mold growth, making it safe for you and your family.