Is Roof Cleaning a Good Idea?

Cleaning the roof is often overlooked but there are many reasons why you should clean your roof.  Your roof needs to be cleaned not only to look neat and increase its curb appeal but also to remove debris like leaves and tree branches capable of causing serious damage to it. 

It’s a good idea to give it a good clean at least once a year to prevent any unseen damages from getting worse, costing you more in the long run if you end up having to replace the whole roof. The best way is to get a professional cleaning service where an expert inspects your roof for damages like holes or missing shingles. 

The task of roof cleaning is actually best suited for professionals since it can be hazardous due to chances of slipping and falling. Professional roof cleaners know what precautions to take and have the required equipment and materials for the job. They will also do an all-round inspection of the entire roof to check for any signs of damage or discoloration before determining the best approach.

Is Roof Cleaning a Good Idea?

If you’ve ever looked at your roof and seen visible black stuff growing either on the surface or on some of the shingles, you might have wondered what it might be. Black and green fuzzy matter can either indicate moss or mildew growing on your roof. You might also notice some sludge which can indicate algae growing on the roof or other areas where water or moisture collect.

Algae, for example, can be dispersed by birds and wind where the spores are left on your roof and start growing. The most ideal environment for moss to grow is a place with shade and moisture. If you notice the growth of moss, mildew or algae on your roof, roof cleaning is a necessary step in eliminating them. 

You might feel like getting rid of algae or moss isn’t that big a deal. Here’s a further look at why Orlando roof cleaning is necessary for a range of other important reasons:

Extend the Life of Roof Shingles

Your shingles and all other roofing materials need to be cleaned, with debris and dirt removed so that they can last longer. Algae isn’t that harmful to asphalt shingles, but some algae species like GM algae which is a bacterium that feeds off both asphalt and limestone roofing can be detrimental. This is mostly common in moist, cool and shaded areas of the roof. 

Removing algae also prevents it from spreading from rooftop to rooftop within your neighborhood. Proper roof cleaning by a professional will not only remove the algae but also make the roof’s color look uniform. 

On the other hand, moss is much more harmful to your roof than algae. The accumulation of moss can make the edges of the shingles curl upward. With such a distortion, your roof can become weaker, especially when it’s windy and the shingles can be easily blown off. 

You need to thoroughly clean your roof by peeling away the moss itself, and getting rid of any dirt or moisture left behind. In worse cases, you might even have to replace damaged shingles.

Lichens, which are a combination of algae and fungus, form branching root-like tentacles that penetrate your shingles. They spread fast and are difficult to remove. Even after cleaning,they can reappear from humidity and rain if they are too deep into your roof.

Prevents Future Issues

The accumulation of algae doesn’t just make your roof look ugly, it affects the properties of the roof. If you have a leak or damage on your roof and aren’t aware of it, this will cause more intensive roof damage. The part that is mostly affected, especially during a leak, is the wood. 

Water seeping through your roof will result in wood rot which causes mold growth and shortens the life of your roof. By engaging a roof cleaning professional, you can find out more about the state of your roof, find solutions and prevent future issues.


With a good roof cleaning, it’s less likely that you’d need a full roof replacement .If you feel that your roof might be in a worse condition than it looks, it’s a good idea to get a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof.