How Will Pressure Washing Affect My Driveway or Walkway if I Have a Seal Coat on It?

Sealing your driveway or walkway is an effective way to protect it long-term from the weather and regular wear-and-tear. However, protecting your driveway or walkway doesn’t just stop there. You should pressure wash your driveway too. Keep reading if you’re wondering whether Orlando driveway pressure washing will affect your driveway when it already has a seal coat on.

How Will Pressure Washing Affect My Driveway or Walkway if I Have a Seal Coat on It?

The short answer here is no: pressure washing your driveway after you seal it will not destroy the seal. The longer answer is that you will need to reseal your driveway periodically anyway and that you should try and pressure wash your driveway before you do that.

Before Sealing

If you haven’t already sealed your driveway, or your driveway is currently in need of resealing, you should get a pressure wash done before you seal it.

Pressure washing will get all of the dirt and dust out before you make them a permanent part of your driveway with a sealer. Once you seal your driveway, it will be completely clean and much easier to maintain.

The sealant will also prevent your driveway from absorbing stains and leaks so that they do not become permanent. Not to mention that it will actually be easier to clean your driveway in the future.

What if I Have Already Sealed the Driveway?

Let’s say you have already sealed your driveway. Realistically, yes, you may hasten the erosion of your sealant by pressure washing it. This is because there is a lot of pressure applied, and that sealant is only semi-permanent by nature.

Whether this destroys your sealant, though, is dependent on how often you get your driveway pressure washed. Your driveway will not become significantly vulnerable if you only get it pressure washed once. 

Resealing the Driveway

Yes, you will need to reseal your driveway anyway. Every three years or so, you should call a professional like us to get your driveway or walkway sealed again and protect them from the elements. If you wait around five years, you might end up with some cracks.

Once you have them sealed, you will need to wait at least 48 hours before you use them again. You certainly shouldn’t be pressure washing your driveway so soon following the sealing if you haven’t washed it beforehand.

Prevent Damage

You should pressure wash your driveway before you seal it, but you should also fix any existing damage before you start the sealing process. That’s part of the reason why the pressure washing comes first: it’s vital to get all the dirt out of those cracks and seams then fixing up those problems.

Have our professional team take a look at your driveway before sealing so we can check whether there are any problems that should be fixed first. You don’t want to seal it only to find other issues.

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Ultimately, you can pressure wash your driveway after you seal it. Don’t worry about accidentally washing the sealant off. It’s crucial to have your driveway pressure washed before you have the driveway sealed for the first time or before you reseal it, and you will not only save yourself some trouble, but you’ll have a beautiful driveway for many years. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions about pressure washing or sealing your driveway or walkway.