How Roof Cleaning Can Extend The Life of Your Roof

For most homeowners, having your own place is often a significant investment and goal. While we often pay plenty of attention to what goes into a home, it is essential that we also remember to show some love to the external features that make up your humble abode.

One of those key areas that are often overlooked is the roof. It is a vital barrier that keeps everything safe and sound from the elements. Whether it’s heavy rain, the beating sun, or anything in between, a sturdy and long-lasting roof is definitely an asset to have over a home.

Instead of worrying about an expensive replacement of a roof that’s suffered significant wear and tear over the years, consider getting a professional roof cleaning in Orlando. It is not only a more affordable option, but it is also important in extending the life of your roof. 

What is Roof Cleaning?

The question of what exactly constitutes a professional roof cleaning is not complicated. Shingles used on the roof can be exposed to plenty of natural elements as well as bacteria and other decomposers. If left unchecked, the deterioration will only worsen the conditions.

If you ever noticed black or dark streaks that cover your roof, the unwanted algae, mold, and fungus colonies have already made their move. It is now up to you to combat this problem as soon as you can.

You might be tempted to just think that a power washer will do the job, but this is far from the case. Not only is it potentially dangerous to be handling such equipment at a height, but the damage it can cause may even make things worse.

Pressure washing can cause damage by removing granules that cover the shingles. These granules help protect the shingles from UV damage, as well as make them more fire-resistant. For proper and safe cleaning, you should rely on experts that utilize a soft-wash roof cleaning instead.

How Roof Cleaning Can Extend The Life of Your Roof

While most roofing systems come with substantial warranty terms, it is important to take note of just what is being covered under those guarantees. More often than not, it does not cover the damage caused by a lack of maintenance, decomposers, and other common destroyers of your once pristine roof. 

The same extends to insurance policies for your homes. As such, it is of vital importance that homeowners do their part in ensuring their roofs are clean. 

With a properly installed roofing system, some luck when it comes to major disasters, and proper maintenance via professional cleaning, you can easily double the life of your roof.

How A Clean Roof Benefits You

It is not just appearances that matter, it is the safety concerns that you should be looking at as a priority. Most roofs are being replaced prematurely due to appearance rather than the actual integrity of the roof. 

In order to keep your shingles functioning to their fullest capacity, decomposers like algae need to be removed. Their presence can also darken the shingles, which can lead to your home getting hotter. This will impact on your electric bill as time goes on. 

Of course, as we mentioned, a clean roof means the extension of the life of your roof.

Keeping The Gutters Clean

Gutters play an important role in draining and directing water away from your roof. Clogged gutters can lead to water pooling in your roof, leading to leaks and damages. Cleaning the dirt and debris from your gutters will also eliminate a nesting area for pests, birds and rodents that will cause more long term damage to your roof. 

Maintaining your gutters will go a long way in extending the life of your roof as they do affect one another.


Overlooking your roof, its cleanliness and maintenance is a recipe of long term damage. Like any other part of your home, your roof needs proper cleaning to ensure its durability. Furthermore, your roof’s position on the exterior of your home means it takes the brunt of the weather and much more. Give your roof the care it needs and reap the rewards of a longer lifespan, and a more lasting investment.