Does Driveway and Walkway Cleaning Really Improve My Curb Appeal?

Your home’s curb appeal can significantly impact people’s impressions. So whether you want to sell your house or invite guests over, it’s worth trying to improve your curb appeal, and one of the first places to start is your driveway and walkway. Having a clean driveway and walkway shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to giving your guests or potential buyers a warm welcome to your home!

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Does Driveway and Walkway Cleaning Really Improve My Curb Appeal?

A Newer Look

There are probably stains that sit in your driveway, but removing those stains is what will make your home look new. Fortunately, achieving a fresher look can be done without spending significant money rebuilding a new driveway. Professional cleaning can remove not only grime and debris from your driveway but even organic debris like weeds or algae.

Prevent More Damage

A home with many cracks in the asphalt isn’t appealing to your potential buyers. It makes the home look less taken care of and might make them worry about whether the home’s interior has any hidden damage.

Even if you aren’t currently selling your home, washing your driveway and walkway will prevent further damage from mildew, grime, and dirt, which might crack your concrete or damage your tiles’ stability.

Move-In Ready

Just like you would clean the inside of the house to sell it, you should also clean the outside of the house. You want to present your home as move-in ready so your buyers don’t feel like they have to do much work on it. 

This will ultimately raise the market value due to the overall appeal and aesthetic of the home, letting you list it for a higher price and ultimately attracting more buyers at the same time. 


It’s difficult to appreciate the beauty of your home when it’s covered in dirt. If you want to show off the architecture of your home, or the beauty of your tiles, or that brand new driveway that you spent a lot of money on, you’ll want to get everything cleaned.

This will help your property stand out more while showing off the existing beauty of your home.

Other Projects

If you’re painting other areas of your home or planning to apply a sealant to your driveway or walkway, you will need to clean them first. A good clean means that any sealant will be able to apply as it should, saving you money in the long run with cleaning and preventing further damage to your walkways.

Hire a Professional

Most of the time, just spraying the hose over your driveway won’t be enough to get it clean. Hiring us as your professional driveway and walkway cleaner means we have the industrial equipment and expertise to clean your driveway and walkway properly.

Doing it on your own will not only cost you more money in terms of renting equipment but misusing the equipment and chemicals can lead to more costly damage


It’s amazing how cleaning your driveway and walkway can significantly improve your curb appeal. Just doing this will allow you to achieve a fresher look without investing thousands of dollars in a costly renovation. If you’re wanting to sell your home, or just want to have a welcoming home that you’re proud of, call us today so we can help you present your home in the best light!