Can I Clean My Own Roof?

Many people are tempted to clean their own roof. However, it’s vital to understand that roof cleaning isn’t the same as any other household chore. Roof cleaning in Orlando involves a lot of risks compared to your average household cleaning task that you can easily undertake on your own.

Before you enthusiastically set out to clean your own roof, keep reading to understand the dangers and why it’s not worth the risk. In a nutshell, we don’t recommend you trying to clean your own roof, and here is why:

Why Shouldn’t I Clean My Own Roof?

Injury Risk

One of the most significant reasons not to clean your own roof is risk of injury. If you hurt yourself while cleaning your roof or if an accident happens because you’re on a ladder and fall off, you’ll find yourself with a severe and even costly health issue.

Injuries while fixing roofs are pretty common. Obviously, falling is the most common injury but sprains and fractures could lead to a long-term recovery process. Even if you think your ladder is secure, a sudden gust of wind or an unexpected situation can quickly change the situation. 

Also, people who aren’t professionals are not familiar with how to navigate a roof. This can lead to further accidents.

Experience and Knowledge

Lack of experience and knowledge is another significant reason you should not attempt roof cleaning. Professionals like us have the knowledge, and expertise gleaned from years of work in the industry, so we know exactly how to handle any problem that may come up when cleaning a roof.

Skilled professionals are equipped with the expertise to spot issues such as roof leaks, damaged or missing shingles while cleaning. As roofing experts, we have the knowledge and expertise to fix a roof correctly. An unskilled person who tries to do it themselves may cause more damage than good in the long run if the work is not correctly done.

Mold Growth

Mold is known to develop and grow extensively if you do not get rid of it early enough. As roofing experts, we deal with mold growth on roofs often and know just what to do. If your DIY cleaning attempts don’t work well, you’ll be faced with a more severe problem down the road when that mold grows more extensively and starts affecting other parts of your house.

Tools Needed

While there are some basic tools that you can use, you will need special equipment and chemicals when it comes to cleaning a roof. So unless you have all of this on hand, then just leave it up to the professionals. Otherwise, you could risk buying the wrong tools and equipment, causing you to waste more money in the end. Even purchasing the correct tools and equipment is not the end of it as you’d still have to ensure you know how to use them properly.


Roof cleaning takes a lot of time and if you don’t have the proper equipment, it can take even longer. It is time you could have spent better elsewhere.

Furthermore, this is assuming that you would be able to clean the roof correctly the first time. If you unsuccessfully cleaned certain spots, then you’d have to spend more time going over those spots again or trying to figure out a better solution on your own. So spend your time on other meaningful things and leave this labor-intensive task to us.


There are many reasons why attempting to clean your roof is not a good idea. For the best results, hire professionals like us who are experienced in this industry. We will do it right the first time around without causing any damage or making things worse. Let us take this task on for you, and don’t risk any injury to yourself.