Wood Repair & Staining

Does the wood in and on your building look worn and ragged? If so, you need a professional to restore it. Although wood is highly durable and should last for years, it will lose its luster if not properly cared for.

In most cases, natural wood makes a beautiful accent to your building's interior and exterior and is a look others appreciate. Sadly, rough use and high humidity take a toll on your wood trim, floors, and other items. If you've ever tried to repair and stain the wood before, you know what a delicate and exhausting task it can be. Sometimes your best efforts make the situation worse and can even cause permanent damage. So don't struggle with this task on your own - hire the experts at H&R ProPainters to do the job for you.

Pool deck

Our staff treats your wood items with the respect and care that they deserve. Wood is a coveted and expensive material to use in homes and businesses and requires expert care. Otherwise, it ends up being a design liability instead of an asset. We have the knowledge and experience to carefully repair your wood items so they look as good as they ever did. Plus, we provide expert staining services. We help you choose the right color and type of stain for your wood - one that enhances instead of disguises the wood's natural beauty.

Wood is a wonderful accessory when it gets the attention that it needs. Most property owners don't have the time to take care of their wood floors, trim and other pieces themselves. So instead of neglecting these wood items, let us take care of them for you.