How Soon Should I Clean My Roof After Just Getting a New One?

Cleaning and getting regular maintenance done on your roof is part of home ownership. When you get a new roof, though, the timeline may seem to blur a bit. You certainly don’t need to get it cleaned again so soon, but you should ensure it receives proper care so that it doesn’t deteriorate quicker than necessary.

While it generally depends on your roof, you should be sure to hire a roof washing company at least once a year. A few other factors could come into play, though, so keep reading to find out more.

How Often Should I Clean My New Roof?

As long as your roof seems to be in good condition, you can get by with cleaning your new roof once every two years. After a while, though, you should go back to once a year so that your roof can stay well-maintained.

Some insurance companies may require you to get your roof cleaned every year, no matter how new your roof is. Make sure you check your policy to see if this is the case before deciding to wait an extra year. 

As mentioned above, some other factors may affect how often you get your roof cleaned, so it’s essential to pay attention to them.

If you have lots of trees surrounding your property, leaves or pine needles could get stuck on and weigh down your roof if they aren’t taken care of. Any wind storms could bring down branches, too. If you ever have a big windstorm, it’s worth calling a professional to come clean off your roof. 

Weather is a huge factor as well. If you live in a relatively dry or mild climate, you likely won’t have many problems. However, those who live in wet climates or areas with lots of heavy storms may want to get their roof cleaned after any major storm.

The materials your new roof is built from will also be important. Tile and metal roofs tend to get dirty very quickly, so you may find yourself cleaning them within 8 months or so. Other materials such as asphalt shingles or cedar hide dirt very well and can go a whole year before they need to be cleaned.

New Roof Maintenance Tips

You can help keep your roof clean by doing a few extra chores now and then. 

Clean Your Gutters

Although this is often overlooked by homeowners, cleaning your gutters is one of the best ways to keep your roof healthy and clean. You can get away with doing this only a handful of times a year, but if you do it after every storm or more regularly, your roof will look better. Fortunately, cleaning gutters is a pretty easy job.

Prune Nearby Branches

This is for homeowners that have trees hanging over or near their roof. At the beginning of every season, make sure to prune branches that are too close to your roof or hang over it. This can prevent severe damage in case of a storm.

Look for Mold and Moss

Any sign of mold is bad news, no matter where it occurs. On your roof, though, it can lead to many further problems. Moss can be another problem for your roof. To avoid some very costly problems, make sure to keep an eye out for signs of mold and moss. Not only will your roof look cleaner if you take care of it, but it will stay in better shape.


Your new roof deserves to be well taken care of. With a few extra chores and regular maintenance, you can make sure it stays strong for longer and that it looks good. Call us today for more specific advice if you’re unsure of when you should clean your roof, and we’ll be happy to help!