Professional Roof Cleaning

Cleaning a roof is a necessary part of home maintenance and requires professional knowledge and equipment. Premier Roof Cleaning knows how to remove all the grime and debris from your roof without damaging the shingles or other roofing material. For instance, if your fungus resistant shingles and tiles are turning black, we.can restore them. We go where the fungus grows, remove it and leave your shingles undamaged.

Cleaning your roof has other advantages. Once the roof is cleaned, it stops people from tracking dangerous fungus spores and mold into your home or business. These substances are bad for everyone, but they are particularly dangerous for people with respiratory problems or compromised immune systems.


Cleaning the roof also reduces roof temperature, which helps to lower cooling costs, especially during the hot Florida summers. You'll be able to run your air conditioner less and still be comfortable while saving a significant amount of money. Our skilled team also chemically treats your roof to help it stay clean and free of these unhealthy and energy-wasting substances.

A dirty roof often doesn't drain properly, which can lead to pooling and serious leaks. Pooling on your roof may also cause runoff that can penetrate into your building's foundation and cause uneven settling, leaks and cracks that are really expensive to correct. Investing in a clean roof actually protects your entire building from unnecessary and costly damage.

In addition, our service extends the life of your roof. As you know, replacing a building's roof costs thousands of dollars - a truly budget-busting amount. A well-maintained roof can last years longer than one that is neglected. Using our roof cleaning service saves you both money and stress while improving the outward appearance of your home or business.


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