While we excel at roof cleaning, we offer you so much more that that vital service. Premier Roof Cleaning Inc.,provides a comprehensive list of essential cleaning services for your property. The success of your business depends in part on your building's visual appeal, so you want all exterior surfaces clean and sparkling. You also want to keep the curb appeal of your home in order to keep property values up and to reflect your pride of ownership.

Appearance is important, but the longevity of your building is more so. Having your properties cleaned regularly protects them from deterioration. The extreme heat and weather found in Central Florida is hard on building exteriors. Premier Roof Cleaning understands these Florida weather challenges and offers a number of cleaning services aimed at maintaining your properties during all climate challenges.

Our Services

We provide the following essential cleaning services:


All property owners want a strong and clean roof. At Premier Roof Cleaning, our method is designed to minimize the wear and tear on your property, particularly on your shingles, slates or other roofing material. We also deep clean your roof without the harshness of pressure washing, so we can safely get rid of potentially harmful substances. Leaves, twigs and other debris can cause water to pool on your roof, leading to ugly and harmful interior leaks. These leaks can destroy your interior ceiling tiles and lead to mold forming inside your walls. Your electric fixtures and furnishings can also be harmed.

In addition to these problems, your roofing material can loosen and otherwise erode. You can end up with gaps on your roof that allow water to pour inside. Damaged roofs can also direct water to pour over the side and into your foundation, causing structural issues and damp basements..When you fail to keep your roof clear, you risk having to replace it years earlier than you should. You may also face serious damage to other areas of your building.

Our experienced staff will thoroughly and safely clean your roof to protect it from these costly issues. Your roof will look great and its integrity will be protected. If we spot any existing roof damage during our cleaning, we will let you know so you can take steps to remedy the problem.

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A dirty house exterior makes your home stand out in the neighborhood, but not in the way you want. Unfortunately, your home can't help but be a a dirt magnet.

It is the target of road dust, yard dirt, blowing debris and nasty weather. The Florida climate promotes mold & bacteria growth It doesn't take long for your home's exterior to be coated in layers of grime that are difficult to remove.

Doing it yourself means hiring equipment and possibly harming your building by using the wrong cleaning method. Your home's exterior needs to be treated gently. That's why you should hire the professionals.

Having our crack team wash your house regularly not only keeps the paint or siding looking fresh; it helps prevent fading, cracking and peeling caused by harmful dirt and grime deposits.

A clean home also makes your property more appealing to potential buyers should you ever decide to sell. Plus, you'll feel a sense of pride instead of embarrassment when you pull into your driveway or visit your commercial property. A dirty building doesn't inspire confidence in anyone.


When you back out of your driveway, do you expose nasty oil stains, tire marks and other ugly spots? You are't alone. Driveways and walkways collect dirt and stains more quickly than any other area on your property, and most people don't have the time to keep them in top shape. Often, you fail to notice the problem until if becomes severe.

So, when maintaining your home, don't forget to have your driveway and walkways professionally cleaned, both to maintain their look and protect them from erosion. At Premier Roof Cleaning, we can chemically clean or pressure clean all hard surfaces, which renews their appearance and protects them from deterioration. Our service is safe, effective and efficient.


Other Services

A lot of Florida living takes place outside, so your property probably has many outdoor enhancements. Remember, if it's outside, it needs to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis. A brisk rain shower simply won't take care of ground-in dirt and grime. Premier Roof Cleaning's services include brick walls, fences, pool decks, pool screens, rust removal and wood decks. In fact, if you have an exterior area that needs cleaning, we can do the job.