Is It Safe to Pressure Wash My Pavers?

pressure washing pavers

Your walkway gets dirty, and that’s inevitable with all the daily use and traffic. That’s why it’s essential to give them a thorough clean to maintain their look and prolong their lifespan. Now, you might know that pressure washing is great for cleaning outdoors, but is it safe for your pavers? Find out more about…

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How Will Pressure Washing Affect My Driveway or Walkway if I Have a Seal Coat on It?

clean driveway

Sealing your driveway or walkway is an effective way to protect it long-term from the weather and regular wear-and-tear. However, protecting your driveway or walkway doesn’t just stop there. You should pressure wash your driveway too. Keep reading if you’re wondering whether Orlando driveway pressure washing will affect your driveway when it already has a…

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Should I Have My Driveway, Sidewalk Cleaned and Why?

cleaning driveway

Mold thrives at temperatures between 77 and 86 degree F. And with the high Florida humidity, your concrete will inevitably turn black from the mold and mildew growth. And if not cleaned, mold can be tracked into your home. Fortunately, your driveway, sidewalk and walkway can be cleaned with our 3 in 1 algaecide. Our…

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Should I Bother Cleaning My Roof During Hurricane Season?

roof cleaning

Living in a hurricane-prone area, we know the damages they can cause. And debris can end up everywhere—including on your roof. If this is the case, should you clean it?  To put simply: yes. Roof washing in Orlando prior to hurricane season is a great idea, regardless of debris from a previous hurricane. It’s the…

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How Soon Should I Clean My Roof After Just Getting a New One?

Cleaning and getting regular maintenance done on your roof is part of home ownership. When you get a new roof, though, the timeline may seem to blur a bit. You certainly don’t need to get it cleaned again so soon, but you should ensure it receives proper care so that it doesn’t deteriorate quicker than…

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What Are Those Stains on My Roof and How Did They Get There?

roof stains

The appearance of your roof significantly affects your home’s curb appeal. The last thing you’d want is to have unsightly stains on your roof, making your home look older and unkempt. What exactly are these stains and how did they get there?  There are many possible causes, but we’ll focus on the most common cause,…

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What Chemicals are Used to Clean Roofs?

roof chemicals

Roof cleaning is not an easy feat, and we don’t recommend you attempting a DIY clean yourself. If you’ve watched a professional Orlando roof cleaning company at work, you’d know that chemicals are often used during the washing. If you want to learn more about the commonly used chemicals, keep reading to find out. What…

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Can I Clean My Own Roof?


Many people are tempted to clean their own roof. However, it’s vital to understand that roof cleaning isn’t the same as any other household chore. Roof cleaning in Orlando involves a lot of risks compared to your average household cleaning task that you can easily undertake on your own. Before you enthusiastically set out to…

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Improper Roof Cleaning Can Cause Damage to Your Roof

Improper Roof Cleaning

Getting things done yourself is a rite of passage for many homeowners. Painting a new room or taking care of the lawn and yard can be rewarding while also helping you save money. However, there are certain tasks that should be left to the professionals, and roof washing is definitely one of them.  Besides the…

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